How to check-in for Aeromexico Flight?

Check-in is the most challenging part when you decide to take an air route as one has to stand in a long queue before their turn for the check-in. Suppose you have booked a flight with Aeromexico and want to know about the Aeromexico Flight check-in process. You can read this blog to better inform yourself about Aeromexico's check-in process and options. 

How to check in for Aeromexico Flight?

Aeromexico provides you with more than one option for the check-in. This section discusses the various ways through which a passenger can check-in:

Online Check-in: If you are worried about the long airport queue, you must complete the check-in through their website. The online check-in starts 24 hours before the flight is scheduled for take-off. Follow the process below for Aeromexico Flight web check-in through your phone.

  • Visit the official site of Aeromexico.
  • Tap on Check-in, provide the passenger's family name and reservation code or e-ticket, and enter to continue.
  • If you booked a domestic flight, enter your email, gender, and phone number.
  • Suppose you have a booking for an international location. In that case, you have to provide some additional information apart from this: your passport, date of birth, country of residence, address at your final destination, and many more.
  • Now, click on the next to get your e-boarding pass. You have now completed the online check-in.
  • Print the boarding pass and show it to Aeromexico's agent at the airport to board the flight.

Mobile check-in: Most airlines have an app through which you can access their various services. Aeromexico is one such airline that offers its app to passengers from where one can even complete the check-in. If you want to check-in for Aeromexico Flight through their app, follow the process here:

  • Open the Aeromexico app and click on the check-in option on the screen.
  • Provide the passenger's last name and booking reference code and click to proceed further.
  • Next, you must provide the details to complete the check-in, which can differ per your selected location between domestic and international.
  • Now, you get a seat map to select a seat of your choice. If you choose a seat, you must pay for it.
  • Now that you have completed the check-in, get the boarding pass with all the flight details in the bookings section of the app.
  • Carry your boarding pass with you and show it to the Aeromexico agent while boarding the flight.

Kiosk Check-in: Passengers who still need to complete the online and move to the airport can complete the check-in through the kiosk machine. However, at some airports, you may get a kiosk machine for check-in; here, you must go to their agent. Follow the process to complete the check-in:

  • Click on web check-in at the kiosk machine.
  • Put the PNR number and the passenger's last name.
  • Provide the details required to complete the check-in and download the boarding pass.
  • If you are going to check-in at the airport for an Aeromexico flight, you must reach the airport's gate 2 hours before a domestic and 3 hours before an international flight.


Passengers who have booked their flight with Aeromexico and seeking information about their check-in options can read this blog. If they want to know more, move to their official page for detailed information.

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