What is Air Canada cancellation policy?

What is Air Canada's cancellation policy?

After the booking, you might have to cancel the flight because of various reasons, an emergency, accident, health isuses, etc. No matter what problems you are having, they can be resolved if you are well-informed about the Air Canada cancellation policy, as all the important points will be mentioned in the policy. Canceling the tickets can then get a refund from the airline, depending on the cancellation. If the cancellation has been made that makes you eligible for a refund, then you can request it.  All the terms and conditions are listed below:

  • All the flights canceled within 24 hours of ticket purchase are eligible to get a full refund from the Airline, and the cancellation charges will not be required.
  • The cancellation you make after the 24-hour window will be canceled, but the refund will depend on the fare type. 
  • According to the Air Canada refund policy, if you have booked the refundable tickets, then a full refund will be provided.
  • The reimbursement for the canceled flight will not be given if you booked non-refundable tickets; however, a refund for applicable charges or government tax can be requested. 
  • If the flight was canceled by the airline because of bad weather conditions, overbooking, technical errors, bird strikes, etc., then a full refund will be provided to compensate for the inconvenience. 
  • The flight can be canceled because of any health issues, emergencies, or demise at home, and a refund can be requested with the required documentation.
  • The cancellation charges will not be paid if you are an active member of the Loyalty Program of the Airline. 
  • If there has been a delay of 2 to 3 hours, then the flight can be canceled, and the Airline will reimburse you for booking another flight with the same scheduled locations.
  • The miles and coupons can be used to pay the cancellation charges. The miles can be provided for any inconvenience you get through during the journey.
  • The cancellation cost depends on the location, ticket type, class, and the time of cancellation of the flight.

How can I cancel my Air Canada flight?

Whenever you are required to cancel the flight, it can happen by using multiple methods. However, the most convenient remains the online process for the Air Canada flight cancellation, as it will be quick and convenient. The flight can be canceled anytime online. After the fight is canceled, you will receive a cancellation number that will be useful during the refund request:

  • Visit the official website of Air Canada.
  • Click on My Bookings from the given options on the homepage.
  • Enter the Booking Reference and the last name to search for the flight.
  • Then, navigate to the Menu to pick Cancellation and Refund.
  • On the next page, the cancellation form will appear, which needs to be filled out with accurate details.
  • Follow the instructions and cancel the flight to receive the confirmation via email.

Conclusion: We have gone through all the details that can enlighten you correctly about the cancellation with Air Canada. If you have more queries about the journey, navigate the official website of Air Canada.

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