How to check-in for Avianca Airlines Flight?

In case a passenger who made their reservation with Avianca Airline is going to board their flight soon but doesn’t know how to do the check-in for their flight since maybe they are boarding for the first time or perhaps they don’t know the online check-in procedure so this blog might assist the travelers in getting the knowledge about check-in for Avianca Airline flights. Passengers can quickly check-in for Avianca Airlines flights since they have provided various check-in methods and flexible policies and guidelines.

How can a person check in for his Avianca Airline scheduled flight?

On Avianca Airline flights, passengers are offered various check-in methods for their scheduled flight, like check-in at the airport counter, web check-in, mobile check-in, and check-in via the airport kiosk machine.

Present some online steps for web check-in for Avianca Airline flights:

In case a person has a scheduled flight tomorrow so, in that case, he is allowed to make an online check-in:

  • For the first step, passengers need to move to the official website of Avianca Airline, wherein they will see the option of “online check-in.”
  • Go to the online check-in page.
  • Then, passengers must use their reservation code and surname, already provided in the reservation ticket.
  • Tap continue to redirect to another page.
  • After that, the passengers will find their booking information on that page, where they need to verify and review their reservation details.
  • Confirm your Avianca Airline flight check-in.
  • Then, the traveler will get the mobile boarding passes which he needs to print and show at the airport for flight boarding.
  • On mobile check-in, you need to follow the steps mentioned above on the mobile application of Avianca Airline. You need to download the mobile application of Avianca Airline for flight check-in.

How to check in for an Avianca Airline flight via the self-service kiosk?

In case travelers can’t use the Avianca Airlines flight web check-in, then they can also make an offline check-in at the airport through the help of a self-service kiosk on which the passenger needs to follow the below instructions:

  • When a traveler goes to the kiosk machine, he must enter his reservation details, like a six-digit booking code and the passenger’s surname, in the column mentioned.
  • Now, move forward in the process and select your seat.
  • Then, recheck your booking details and confirm your flight check-in.
  • Print your boarding passes.

Mention some terms and conditions for check-in with Avianca Airline flights:

Suppose a traveler is going to make Avianca Airlines flight check-in, in that case, he should also know about the Avianca Airline check-in policy since it will help the passengers quickly check-in for their scheduled flight.

  • For web check-in, passengers can check in for their flight from 48 hours to 1 hour before their scheduled departure time.
  • Travelers having their international flight are advised to come a minimum of 3 hours before their scheduled departure.
  • Travelers having domestic bookings can reach at least 2 hours before their scheduled departure time.
  • When a person does web check-in, he will also get the option of selecting their preferred seat for their traveling.
  • If you want to avail of priority check-in, you can reserve the priority check-in service when making a reservation and 24 hours before your scheduled departure.

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