How many bags can we carry on Eurowings Airlines flight?

Traveling comprises abundant objects, and baggage is one of its main components. When you have a trip planned through air transport, then the bags are allowed under fare rules and routes. Similarly, when you have planned a trip with Eurowings Airlines, then the luggage could be carried as per their stated rules. Moreover, you could take at least a handbag with a maximum of two checked baggage. Further, there are several other factors that are also responsible for bags, and you can have details about the same from the subheadings.

Render the provisions of Eurowings Airlines baggage policy

The luggage that you could travel with is administered by the Eurowing baggage policy because it contains the rules and regulations for the same. Further, you can have the information about the same from the bottom.

Particularly about hand baggage

The bags that you can keep with you on the flight according to fare types are shown at the bottom:-

  • When you have a Smart fare, then you can take one personal bag with carry-on baggage. 
  • The BIZ class fare, then you bring one small bag with two hand baggage.
  • If you have a basic fare, then you get to purchase the same.
  • The dimension of small bags could be 40 x 30 x 25 cm, and carry-on sizes 55 x 40 x 23 cm. The weight should not exceed 8kgs in total.

Details about checked baggage

When you are traveling with the bags that handbags, then you can submit that to the airline counter. And the rules related to those are such as:-

  • For basic fare:- you can travel with a maximum of five checked baggage with a limited weight of 32 kg, but you get to make a payment for the same. 
  • For smart fare:- you can take at least one free checked bag, and the weight should not exceed 23kgs. Other bags are subject to fare fees.
  • BIZ fare:- it is one of the premium fares that permits one to take two checked bags without any charges with a maximum weight of 32 kg. 
  • The additional cost for checked bags could be around $14 to $130.

Provision for excess or special luggage

When you are willing to bring bags more than your allowance, then you could be regulated under excess regulation. 

  • The baggage weight under 23kgs could be considered normal bags, and the price could also be similar. 
  • But a weight exceeding more than 23 kg can be charged with additional baggage fees. 
  • The luggage allowance per itinerary is five with a weight of 32 kg.

Facts about sports equipment

You can also travel with sports luggage on Eurowings Airlines, and its details are stated beneath:-

  • Sports equipment such as football, basketball, bicycle, rackets, etc.
  • The weight of sports equipment should not exceed 32 kg.
  • You get to register the sports item within the prescribed time. But unaccompanied might not travel with sports items. 

Furthermore, you can avoid frequently asked queries such as How many bags can we carry on Eurowings Airlines flight? When you have more queries to ask, then reach out to its customer service team and obtain a resolution

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