How much does Sun Country Airlines charge for baggage?

When you travel with Sun Country Airlines, it is necessary to know about the baggage policies and the applicable charges to carry bags on the plane. Sun Country is an ultra-low-cost airline, and that's why they charged for the checked baggage. You can carry 1 carry-on and 1 personal item free of cost on your flight, but for other baggage, you have to pay the applicable charges.

Baggage Fees at Sun Country Airlines:

  • First Checked Baggage: $30
  • Second Checked Baggage: $40
  • Third and additional Checked Baggage: $60
  • Overweight baggage: $20 to $60
  • Oversize baggage: $75 to $100

The above-mentioned Sun Country Airlines Baggage charges can vary based on the fare type and the travel destination. You calculate the charges on the charges on the website based on the routes.

What is the Sun Country carry-on baggage policy?

All the passengers, irrespective of the flight route and class, are allowed 1 carry-on baggage and one personal item on the flight. The personal item can consist of a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag. If you like to avoid Sun Country Airlines' charges for baggage, consider the following policies:

  • The maximum size of the item should not exceed the dimensions of 24*16*11 inches, including the handles or the wheels.
  • The maximum weight for the carry-on is 35 pounds.
  • If the bag exceeds the carry-on requirements, it will be transferred to the checked baggage, and there will be charges for the same.
  • The personal item's size dimension must be under 17*13*9 inches.
  • It should fit on the overhead bin on the plane or beneath the front seat.

What is the policy for checked baggage at Sun Country Airlines?

If you are paying for carrying the checked baggage on your flight journey with Sun Country, you must know the applicable policies, so you do not end up paying the additional cost for an overweight or oversized baggage. The checked baggage was transferred to the luggage compartment on the plane, and here are the applicable policies:

  • The maximum size of checked baggage at Sun Country is 62 inches. If the size exceeds, you will have to pay the additional cost.
  • Checked baggage should not exceed 100 lbs; otherwise, it will not be permitted to carry on the flight even after you pay the additional fee.
  • The checked baggage weight is permitted to be 50 pounds. The maximum weight you can carry on Sun Country Airline is up to 100 pounds. More than 100 pounds of bags are not permitted by the airlines.

Does Sun Country allow sports equipment?

Sun Country has allowed passengers to carry sports equipment if required, and it falls into the special baggage category. The policy for the sports equipment is the same as per the checked baggage, and the charges will be applicable based on the same. 

Hence, if you like to travel hassle-free with your luggage, you must purchase the baggage allowance at the time of booking your ticket or before check-in. You can check the Sun Country Airlines Baggage cost above and make it as per your requirement from the airlines. Make sure to be within the limit when it comes to packing your bags so that you do not end up paying charges for the baggage at Sun Country.

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