How to book seats on Thai Airways?

One airline that stands out for its extensive network and facility is the Thai network. The airline offers flights to more than 30 countries, making it a top choice for travel. Imagine you and your family or friends are excitedly planning a long-awaited vacation to your dream destination. After researching various airlines, you're keen to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. If you want to book your ticket in advance and want to avoid any discomfort, then you need to follow the steps described below:


  • There will be no charges applicable for the infants traveling through Thai Airways.
  • Children of age above five will be charged with the prices according to the rules of the airways.
  • After booking the seat, payment must be made, and the ticket must be within three days of the reservation.
  • Thai Airways provide two kinds of ticket purchase: non-refundable and refundable tickets. In case of cancellation of the seat, Thai Airways can apply its terms and conditions for the fare.
  • You can even hold your reservation for at least 24 hours.

Book your seat with the help of an online method

The online method gives you the comfort of booking the ticket while sitting in your home. The airline gives the facility to book Thai Airways flight through online mode. To know about the reservation of the seat, go through the guide:

  • Go to your search box and type the official page of Thai Airlines.
  • In the top bar, you can see the Book option; click on it.
  • A new page will be visible with lots of boxes asking for the passenger's name and other relevant information.
  • Choose your destination, timetable, and additional services carefully.
  • Choose your hotel accommodation; you can also access the car facility feature when booking.
  • Before clicking on Book Now, passengers are advised to review the filled information again.
  • After confirmation, click on the Book Now button. On your email address, you will receive the e-ticket.

Book your seat by calling the phone number

Sometimes, the server of the website could be down because of the overload on the network. In that condition, you can call Thai Airways phone number 66(0) 2356-1111 / +1 802 304-5759; the executives will attend your call. After receiving the call, share your seat preferences and request to reserve it. The agents will inquire about some details like travel date, time, and the place where you want to visit. You can also share whether you want accommodation or not. Before booking the final ticket, they will share all the details. Your seat will be reserved after your confirmation. The ticket information will be shared with you either by email or on a contact number.

Book your seat directly through the airport ticket counter

Passengers preferring direct face-to-face communication can visit the nearest airport. Take all the travel documents and your details with you for the Thai Airways flight booking process. Before visiting the airport, make a list of all the information that you have to ask to make a reservation. The office representatives are experienced and will let you know in detail to book a seat. 


Read out the guide step-by-step to get the information. To learn more about the flight ticket, you can look on the website of the Airlines and can also search in the FAQ section on the page.

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