How to call Lufthansa Airlines customer service?

Are you going to travel with Lufthansa Airlines in the coming future and are worried about the airline's in-flight services? To learn about the airline's in-flight services, you can connect with them. The airline handles the queries its passengers face and provides them with the best possible solution. Connecting with the airline will give you an instant answer to your question and help you get more information about the airline. Read the information below to learn how to contact Lufthansa Airlines customer service.

How can I connect with Lufthansa Airlines?

You can seek assistance from the Lufthansa airline customer care team in several ways. However, select the method that you find most suitable and convenient. The airline's customer care team is available 24 hours to assist and guide passengers in queries. The airline can be contacted for several reasons, including flight change, rescheduling, booking, refund, etc.

How to connect with Lufthansa Airlines via phone call?

The phone call method is used by the airline to assist its customers. If the phone call method did not help you get a solution, you could opt for other ways to reach them. If you choose a phone call, you will get an immediate and reliable response from the team. However, you must have the airline's official phone number for this. To get connected via phone call, use the steps below:

  • Dial +1 800-645 38 30 / +1 (802) 304-5759 and wait for the call to connect.
  • Once the call is connected, choose your preferred language.
  • Listen to the pre-recorded menu.
  • Press the key to connect with a live person.
  • Once the airline's executive is on call, ask your query, and get a solution. 
  • On getting a satisfactory solution, express your gratitude and end the call. 

Can I connect with Lufthansa Airlines using Live chat?

Yes, connect with the Lufthansa airline using their live chat feature. The live chat assistance with the airline will help you get personalized and prompt solutions for your query. People who do not like connecting with the airline via phone should use live chatting. Your live chat with the airline can be used for future reference. Passengers prefer live chat because they get time to think and can edit their text. To use the live chat feature, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the airline's website.
  • Click on 'help and contact.'
  • You will see a 'live chat icon' on the following page. Click on it.
  • In a few seconds, a live chat window will pop up.
  • Write down your query in the chat box and send it.
  • Wait for the live person to respond to your question.
  • Once you find the solution, end the chat.

How to connect with Lufthansa Airlines at the airport?

If the above methods do not help you get a solution for your problem, you can visit the airline's help desk at the airport. This contact method is used by passengers who live nearby the airport. The airline has a dedicated customer care team looking for all the passengers' queries at the airport help desk counter.

The above ways of connecting with the airline will help you get a solution for how to call Lufthansa Airlines customer service, text them via live chat, and reach them at the airport.

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