Is it possible to change Air Canada flight?

After making the flight reservation with Air Canada, if you are stuck in a situation such as the purpose of booking gets rescheduled, health issues, weather is not convenient for travel, etc., where you are unable to travel on the desired date, then you will get the option to change the flight. By using the flight change option, you will be able to reschedule the flight at your convenience, but for that, you have to make the flight change request prior to the departure of the flight and follow their multiple policies. To make the flight, you can directly call Air Canada's phone number, +1 802 304-5759, or use the alternative modes. If you want complete details about changing the flight on Air Canada, go through below.

How do you call Air Canada customer service to change the flight?

While connecting with the customer service team of Air Canada, you can do various things, and changing the flight is one of them. The representative will also guide you about the flight change policies, fees, available seats on the selected flights, etc. If you want to call Air Canada to change flights, then you have to use the points mentioned below.

  • Make the call on this number: +1 802 304-5759
  • Then, choose the language in which you are looking to join the call.
  • Go through the instructions, and your call will be forwarded to the executive.

Is there any alternative mode to change the flight with Air Canada?

Yes, you can also use the online option to change the flight to Air Canada. This option is available for 24 hours on Air Canada's official website. if you want to know about the complete process, then you can go through the points below.

  • Search for the official Air Canada website
  • Now choose the manage booking page
  • Fill out the surname with the PNR number
  • Select the change flight and select the new travel date
  • Last, choose the flight from the available options and save the changes

What are the flight change policies of Air Canada customer service?

Air Canada provides several policies for flight changes, and having information about them is essential as it will guide you in knowing whether you have to pay the flight change cost or not. To know about these policies, then go through them below.

  • Flight changes done by the customer within 24 hours are chargeable, but after surpassing that window, you have to pay the cost.
  • Flight changes will be accepted online by the airlines if there are any seats are vacant on the selected flight.
  • If the customer is changing the flight due to any medical issues, then they will have to show the documents related to health, and they can change the flight without paying the cost.
  • Customers have to pay the fare difference if the number of newly selected flights is higher than the previous flight.
  • With the help of the above information, you will know the Air Canada customer service phone number, and for more details, you can reach Air Canada's official website.

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