How to change my name in Lufthansa flight booking?

Lufthansa always tries to keep things flexible for people traveling with them to have the best travel experience. They even allow them to change the date and time of their flight and edit their name in Lufthansa flight bookings in case of any minor errors. However, if the passenger has made a mistake in their name while making the reservation, they need to know the rules and regulations mentioned by Lufthansa Airlines for the name correction in the reserved ticket.

Lufthansa Airlines name change policy

There are a few rules related to name change correction, which need to be known by people before they proceed with the name correction in the Lufthansa flight process in their existing reservation.

Correction as per the Characters- as per the name change policy of Lufthansa Airlines, the passengers can correct their first/middle/last name up to two characters without paying the charges. The two characters have to be the combined change in the passenger's first, middle, and third name, and they are not allowed to make the changes as per two characters each.

Add middle name in your reservation- Travlrs who have booked their ticket with Lufthansa are allowed to add or correct their middle name given in the reservation. They have to request the re-issuance, and their flight will get rebooked in the same or lower/higher available class. They must also pay the name change fees to add the middle name to their ticket.

Altering the traveler's Name To A Nickname- A legal document or any government-authorized ID is necessary to execute the Lufthansa name change request, which allows a passenger to legally change their first, middle, or last name or any/all of them.

Adding A Suffix/Prefix To A Passenger's Name- Lufthansa passengers can add, remove, or correct their title, suffix, or prefix. A request for re-issuance would be considered in such situations, and flights would be rebooked in the same or lower/higher available class. Passengers must pay the Lufthansa name change charge and any relevant fare difference.

Name Change during Marriage or Divorce- At times, people have to change their name on the ticket in case of marriage and divorce. The airline allowed them to make the necessary changes only if they submitted the necessary documents given below:

  • Divorce decree
  • Marriage license
  • Legal name change document
  • Government-issued photo ID or passport reflecting a suffix or prefix in the name

The process to make a name change with Lufthansa

The online process that needs to be followed to make the name change in Lufthansa Airlines is explained here as follows.

  • Visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines and look for the 'Manage Booking' option once you get onto the homepage.
  • Enter the booking reference code and the passenger's last name to proceed further once you get onto the Manage Booking page.
  • When the airline gets redirected to the available flight page, you must choose the 'Lufthansa Ticket Name Change' option.
  • Passengers are permitted to amend their names and make other changes to their personal information.
  • Make the necessary adjustments, then click the 'Save adjustments' option.
  • There will be an extra cost to confirm the modification, after which you will receive the new flight ticket.

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