How do I contact Cathay Pacific?

Cathay Pacific is a national airline in Hong Kong, connecting people across the globe. If you are planning to travel with Cathay Pacific and need to inquire about the ticket prices or have any general questions, you can contact the airline anytime. There are various modes of communication available; you can call the Cathay Pacific phone number to avail quick support. The article below continues the topic further; let's get started.

How do I speak to a Cathay Pacific live agent?

If you have any urgent query and you want to speak to the Cathay Pacific representative over the phone, here are the steps you should follow:

  • Dial the Cathay Pacific number +1 802 304-5760 / +1 (833) 933-2244
  • Choose a language from the options you get, follow IVR
  • Select your concern or topic you want to get help with, press the button
  • The system will assign you an available Cathay Pacific representative
  • Once available, you can discuss the issues with them and get them solved simultaneously

What are Cathay Pacific's customer service hours?

While you connect via Cathay Pacific customer service phone number, the agents are available 24 hours a day. Besides, there might be certain departments with limited working hours; the timings are available on the website. 

Can you chat with Cathay Pacific customer service?

Yes! You can contact Cathay Pacific live agents via chat through WhatsApp. To chat with Cathay Pacific via WhatsApp, use the number (+852 2747 2747), or you can click on the link Continue to Chat. Apart from that, you can also scan the WhatsApp code of Cathay Pacific available on the website using the WhatsApp link. Once you are connected to the airline on WhatsApp, you can chat with the airline like you do on WhatsApp and get solutions to your query.

How to Email Cathay Pacific customer service?

Email is another alternate option through which you can connect with the airlines and share queries such as feedback, compliments, suggestions, etc. It is quite a time-consuming process; it might take days sometimes to get a response. To email:

  • Go to the Cathay Pacific complaint, suggestion, and feedback page and send the email.
  • You can select the topic on the screen and open the email form associated.
  • Fill in the details needed in the form, which might include your contact details, personal details, booking details, etc.
  • Write your message in the space given and submit the form soon; someone from the Cathay Pacific team will connect with you and provide solutions.

Conclusion: The article above suggests there are many ways to contact Cathay Pacific customer service. But you can connect to the airline through the phone in case you need immediate support. For more details or if you are confused, visit the Cathay Pacific website or log in and access personalized support.

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