Does Swoop Refund for Cancelled Flights?

If you have booked your flight tickets on Swoop Airlines and it is canceled by the airline itself for some reason, then for the inconvenience of passengers, Swoop provides a refund or compensation to all the ticket holders. Generally, Swoop Airlines sends an email to notify its passengers about the cancellation of a flight and also states if they provide a refund for the flight ticket or rebook a flight. You can apply for a refund if you have not received any mail.

Ways to Apply for A Refund At Swoop Airlines

There are a few methods by which you can send your request for a refund at Swoop Airlines for the cancellation of your flights. The multiple ways are mentioned below:

Refund Form:

If you have not received any refund notification, fill out the form and submit it on the Swoop Airlines website. Filling out the form will hardly take a few minutes and will help you to get the purchase amount back on your account with these steps:

  • Open the Swoop airlines website,
  • Go to the Need Help section,
  • Look for the refund form option on the page,
  • Click the option to fill out the form,
  • Enter your registered email account,
  • Fill in the details mentioned on the form,
  • At last, submit the form by clicking on the "Apply Refund" button at Swoop Airlines.

Contact Customer Service:

  • You can get to a representative for your refund issue by calling on Swoop Airlines Customer Service Number; follow the steps to get a person: 
  • Dial the phone number: 1 587 441 1001, 
  • Skip speaking with the Swoop Airlines representative,
  • Tell your concern with the flight number that has been canceled by Swoop Airlines,
  • The representative may offer you a rebooking of a flight to your destination,
  • If you do not wish to get the rebooking, then ask for a refund,
  • Give your details and ask to submit your refund request.

By both methods, passengers can apply a request to Swoop airlines for a refund of their canceled flight. Sometimes, the rebooking by the airline does not suit the priority of passengers, so they can refuse to take the alternate flight and opt for a refund.

Swoop Airlines Policy of Cancelled Flight

  • If Swoop Airlines cancels the flight, they will rebook an alternate flight for all the passengers without additional charges.
  • Long delays of your booked flights lead to a full refund of the flight ticket.
  • Compensations will be provided on the cancellation of your flight from their side.
  • Food and travel vouchers are also provided by Swoop Airlines for the inconvenience of passengers on canceled flights. 
  • The compensation amount depends upon the time of your booked flight's delay.
  • If the purchase has been made with the credit points, then Swoop airlines will reverse the credit points on the passenger's account as a refund.

Hence, you can check the Swoop Airlines refund for canceled flights policy and apply for your refund online or offline. You may take the alternate flight booked for you; if it exceeds three hours from the original boarding time, then you can apply for a refund.

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