How to get a refund from Avianca Airlines?

Avianca Airlines is one of the biggest Colombian Airlines. With its destinations on over 60 routes, the airline has multiple flights for both domestic and international stops. For the booking you have with the airline, if you are facing any issues with Avianca, then you can contact them and find a solution. And if the booking has been canceled, but you are unable to go through and find out how to get a refund from Avianca Airlines. Read through the details and find out how you can avail of a refund from the airline.

Avianca Airlines Refund Policy

To access the airline and avail of a refund, you can go through the set of rules and regulations fixed for the refund. These are certain rules and regulations that are fixed for the same. Go through the policies and then find to get the refund. The set policies are listed below:

  • For the booking is made seven days prior to the departure and canceled within 24 hours, you can avail of a complete refund.
  • For a refundable booking, if canceled at any time three hours before the flight, you can get a complete refund.
  • If the airline cancels the made reservation, you can get your refund credited back to the source of payment.
  • If the ticket has been canceled due to any medical emergency, you can get to cancel the booking and avail of a refund.

Avianca Airlines Refund process

After reading through the set of policies, you can then go through the online process to place a refund request with the airline on the refund form. The steps through which you can fill out the refund form are as follows:

  • Visit Avianca’s official website,
  • Land on the booking summary page by using the last name and booking number.
  • On this page, tap on the refund option from the menu list.
  • A form will pop on the screen.
  • Fill in the same and then go through it to submit the issue.
  • Also, add the required, relevant documents.

Besides the online process, you can also go through to request a refund from the airline using the call process. The steps to find the number are as follows:

  • Land on Avianca’s webpage.
  • From the help option, reach out to the contact page.
  • From the contact us option, go to the call section. You will get the number 1 (800) 284-2622/+1 802 454-2622.
  • Dial and connect with a customer executive. The same shall help you with the process required.

Avianca Airlines Refund Time

With requesting a refund from the airline, there is a minimum time by which you can get the refund. The time by which you can get access to receive the refund is mentioned below:

  • For the booking made with online/ credit or debit card payment can be availed with a refund within 7 to 10 business days.
  • When the payment for the booking is made with cash or cheque, you can get a refund within 20 to 25 working days.

Final Words- This must have been of help to avail of a refund from the airline. If you seek to learn more, you can surf through their website and find a solution. Or, you might even choose to contact them.

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