How to get a refund from Sun Country Airlines?

There are conditions in which passengers cancel their flight and wish to get a refund from Sun Country Airlines so they can re-book their flight or utilize the bucks in some other work. So, the discussion will provide suitable methods to get a refund from the airline without any hassle. Please look:

Multiple procedures to get a refund from Sun Country:

Request a refund via the official website

There is a feasible way you can adopt to ask for a refund from the airline, and that is by requesting a refund through the official website. And for that, there are some steps that have to be followed;

  • Visit Sun Country Airlines’ official website to begin the process.
  • In the My Trips section, type all your ticket details, such as PNR number, name, etc.
  • You will get an option to cancel the flight; click on it.
  • A refund form will come; tap and fill it out.
  • Within a few business days, you will receive a refund.

Make a call and request a refund

If you want a refund for Sun Country Airlines flight tickets, you are suggested to dial Sun Country’s phone number, 651-905-2737 / +1-802-304-5759, where you will be assigned an agent of the airline to whom you can request to initiate a refund. However, you must ensure that you cite appropriate reasons for canceling and requesting a refund.

Approach the help desk at the Airport

Suppose you cannot understand the online process through which you can request a refund; you can also visit the airport and ask the agent to fill out your refund form. However, you must carry all your documents in order to proceed with the same.

Understand the refund policy

Every passenger must be aware of Sun Country Airlines' refund policy as it can help them avoid additional charges. So, you are advised to take a look at the points that are described below; 

  • A rule for a refund may not be available for non-refundable ticket holders. 
  • You can request a “full refund” if the flight is canceled within 24 hours of your reservation. 
  • If a refund is requested after 24 hours of the booking, the airline may not initiate a full refund. Hence, there will be some charges. 
  • If, due to some reason, your flight gets delayed by 6 hours, you can request the airline to initiate a refund. 
  • Suppose your flight is canceled, and the alternative flight is not at your preferred time; you can also ask the airline to initiate a refund. 
  • However, if you have any concerns about the same, you are advised to contact the customer assistance team, who will provide you with guidance in all the possible ways.

When can you expect to get a refund?

Sun Country Airlines provides a complete refund to passengers within 20 business days. However, the process may get delayed, so have some patience, and if you still have not received it, get in touch with the assistance team to know the current refund status.

Once you go through the details, you will learn different methods to request a refund along with its refund policy, which will indeed help you avoid any additional charges imposed for violation of any of its terms.

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