How do I Change my Flight Date on LATAM?

LATAM Airlines allows its passengers to cancel or change their flight dates. Passengers are bound to specific conditions that come under LATAM Airlines. Passengers should follow the terms of policy related to LATAM Airlines to know how and when to change their flight date on LATAM. To understand how to change my flight date on LATAM, passengers must know the LATAM Airlines policy to change flight dates.

LATAM flight date change policy:

  • LATAM lets passengers change flight dates within 24 hours of booking the ticket. During these 24 hours, LATAM charges no flight change fee to the passengers unless the time left for the LATAM flight departure is less than a week. In that case, LATAM will charge a flight change fee according to the distance of the flight and the time left for the old flight departure.
  • If passengers want to change the date on their flight ticket, they can change it only once. No further change in date is allowed after that one change you make. Also, no further change in your flight ticket is allowed in other ticket sections.
  • If the time left for the flight departure is less than a week, LATAM will charge a flight date change fee according to the applicable charges.
  • LATAM does not allow passengers to exchange their tickets with another person. That means the ticket booking with the name and identity of the passenger should remain the same. Only that passenger can travel with that ticket.

How do I change my flight date on LATAM?

Passengers can change their flight date with LATAM via the following ways:

Customer service: To change the LATAM flight date, you can contact LATAM customer service and take their help and guidance. The steps are as follows:

  • Visit the LATAM website.
  • Click on Contact Us.
  • Call on the LATAM phone number, 18664359526.
  • You listen to the LATAM IVR system.
  • Press 1 for language selection.
  • Press 2 for booking and reservations.
  • Press 7 to talk to the LATAM representative.       
  • IVR will connect your call to the LATAM representative. You can take the help of a LATAM representative to change your flight date.
  • You can also enter 2 to change your flight date.

On the website: passengers can change flight dates on the website of LATAM by following the sequence given below:

  • Navigate the website of LATAM,
  • Go to the My Trips option on the top bar of the home page of LATAM.
  • Look for Manage your Bookings option.
  • You can fill in your LATAM flight details.
  • You can get access to your LATAM flight ticket when you fill in your Booking number and last name in the detail section.
  • When you finally get access to your LATAM flight ticket, you can modify the LATAM flight date when you click on the change date. You can select the new date from the calendar option in the flight date section.
  • Proceed to payment of charges are applied.

With LATAM, it's convenient to change your flight date. You can take help from LATAM customer service if you want. LATAM will give full support and guidance to modify your flight.

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