How can I Talk to a Human at United Airlines?

United is one of the best-known airlines in terms of both inflight services & customer care services. Suppose you are planning to visit any destination soon by United airlines & you have any doubts regarding the reservation. In that case, you can reach the customer care services of United airlines. In the forthcoming section, a detailed description is given about the same.

Several different ways to reach the United airlines

There are various options available if you have any issues with the airline or want to share your travel experiences. The most commonly used medium to communicate with airlines are:

  • Via phone number
  • Vial live chat
  • Via sending an email
  • Via social media.

It is entirely up to the user which method they choose. The complete steps & procedures to use these alternatives are mentioned below. You can refer to them one by one.

Contact United Airlines via phone number: Customers are free to call United airline customer care services to resolve their issues. To use this option, you must begin to dial United Airlines' phone number: 1-800-864-8331. After that, your phone will be connected to a computer-generated voice that will ask you to press any one of the options from the following IVR menu:

  • Press 1:To select your language.
  • Press 2: To make a reservation.
  • Press 3: To know the flight status
  • Press 4:To manage an existing reservation
  • Press 9: To request a callback

After successfully pressing your desired option, you will be connected to the corresponding representative, who will provide you with the most satisfactory solution to resolve your problem.

Contact United Airlines via live chat option: Another essential method to reach United airlines is using the live chat alternative. The customers must follow the given instructions to avail of this option.

  • Visit the official United airline website using your browser, or you can use the official mobile application via your smartphone or tablet.
  • Now, navigate the "help center" from the top menu bar.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page until you come across the "chat with us" option.
  • Type your message in the space provided & hit the arrow button to send your issue. You can also attach any document by clicking the link icon.
  • Within a few minutes, you will be connected to a customer care representative who will guide you to resolve your issue.

The live chat option is nowadays the first preference of users. This not on;y provides a quick response but also assistance is available 24/7. If you want to talk to a human at United Airlines, you can even request the team executive for a callback by using this option.

Contact United Airlines by email: United Airlines lets you connect via email. For this, you need to follow the given instructions:

  • After visiting the official website & navigating to the help center, you will find a feedback form. Enter all the mandatory fields & click on submit button. 
  • Shortly, you will be reverted with the desired solution.

Conclusion: United Airlines provides different alternatives to reach them, but it entirely depends upon the individual which option they prefer.

United Airlines FAQs

Does United have a live chat?

Yes, united airlines provide a live chat facility to communicate with the virtual person on the messages. You can proceed to their contact section and get the live chat icon. Once the chat box appears, you can converse with the live chat person.

Can I text to United Airlines customer service?

You can send a text message to United Airlines customer service and take their help. For this, you need to write a help message in your text box and send them to 26266. Once customer service receives the message, they will give you the answer immediately. 

How do I get United to call me back?

You can connect with united airlines and schedule a call on the preferred date and time. Therefore to get a callback from united, you can follow the below steps:

  • Initially, you are required to access the official website of united airlines.
  • There, you can select the help and contact section.
  • You can choose the callback option from the given methods and get the callback form.
  • You need to add the contact details and a suitable date with time to receive the call and clear the doubts.

How do you get through to a live person?

United airlines allow you to get through with customer service and speak to a live person. You need to dial the United Airlines toll-free phone number 1-800-864-8331 and listen to the IVR instructions. When you select the appropriate button, your phone will be assigned to the representative on the spot. With this, you can talk to a live person and take their expert advice.

Does United have customer service?

If you have any concerns or suggestions, you can consult them with united Airlines customer service. They are professional and available in multiple methods, such as phone, chat, email, and social media. 

How do I contact United Airlines?

Travelers can connect with customer service at united airlines and send the issues by email. You need to write in detail about the query and send them to Once the experts get the request, they will reply to you accordingly.

How do I talk to a person at United?

You can dial the United Airlines contact number at 1-800-335-2247 and get through with the representative. When you follow the IVR instructions, you will get the representative on the spot to share your doubts. 

How do I talk to a human at United Airlines?

You can communicate with their customer service team for all the flight-related services. Thus, you can call the toll-free number at 1-800-490-2021 and listen to the computerized voice. 

Do I need a Covid test to board United?

If you are not fully vaccinated, you must submit proof of a negative covid test. You must take the covid test 24 hours before the scheduled departure to board the flight. 

What is United airline Covid policy?

  • You must submit proof of the negative covid report within 24 hours of the scheduled departure. 
  • Fully vaccinated passengers are not required to get the covid test depending on the appropriate destination. 
  • If you have any symptoms of the covid, you cannot board the flight to maintain the safety of other passengers. 

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