How many bags can you carry on Avianca?

How many bags can you bring to Avianca Airline?

Traveling with an Airline includes a number of elements, but one of the chief subjects is baggage. So, every airline has a different set of rules related to it, and you could be permitted to carry only the allowance. Similarly, when you choose to travel with Avianca Airline, you get to set your bags per their prescribed provision. However, you may be able to take at least two pieces of luggage, but it could depend on the certain conditions that are available under its policies. Hence, you can secure a piece of information regarding these from the subheading. For more information, you also can talk to Avianca customer service at +57 3114006797 / +1 802 454-2622.

The baggage policy of Avianca Airline

When you could get through Avianca's baggage policy, then you could plan packaging in accordance with that. Further, the details about those are displayed at the bottom:-

Carry on bags

The details about the bags that you could take in the cabin are mentioned below:-

  • You can bring one personal item with one carry-on baggage 
  • The dimension may not exceed 45 inches, and the weight could be 10 kg. 
  • Your bags have to fit in the overhead bin or under the front seat.

Checked bags

When you are taking more luggage than to carry on, then you could deposit that to counters. However, the requirement of the checked bag has relied on flying routes as well as fare type, and particulars about that are as follows:-

  • When you have a flight to/ from Colombia, USA, Mexico, Canada, or Latin America in Business class, then you can take at least two checked bags.
  • The weight of each bag might not get to exceed 32kgs, and the linear dimension is 62 inches.
  • If you are traveling to the exact location in economy class, then you can take up to only one checked bag. The weight of each bag could be 23 kg and the dimensions 62 linear inches.

Overweight and oversize

When your baggage does not meet the above-stated requirements, then worry not because by playing extra, you may be able to take an overweight or oversize bag. Meanwhile, you can connect to Avianca Airlines customer service for related details, or you can take a glance from under.

  • When your baggage weight is between 23kg to 32 kg, then you may have to pay around $60.
  • And for baggage between 33kg to 45kg may be charged $100 around.
  • If a bag's dimension is between 62 inches to 90 inches, then also an estimated cost could be $100.
  • Further, bags over 45 kg of weight and dimensions above 90 inches might not be accepted.

Sports equipment

You could also get to bring sports equipment on Avianca Airline, and facts regarding this are raised at the bottom:-

  • You can take equipment such as Bowling, tennis, fishing, and archery items in the cabin. 
  • Its dimension should not exceed 115 linear inches, and it should weigh 10 kg.
  • The additional fees for domestic flights could be $35 USD and $105 for international flights.

Now, you may not get into the problems such as How many bags can you carry on Avianca? Because solutions related to this are available here. When you have any further questions, then speak with customer service for answers.

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