How to check in for KLM Airlines Flight?

When you book a flight with KLM Airlines, you might need to learn about all the available check-in methods to determine which suits you. KLM has provided certain check-in options, such as web check-in, airport desk check-in, and kiosk check-in. Further, a detailed process has been given that will help you to know how you can obtain your boarding pass with the different check-in options and policies.

What are the policies for check-in at KLM Airlines?

Before opting for a check-in option to get your boarding pass for your KLM flight, you must go through with the applied policies that are listed here:

  • The web check-in is helpful on check-in for a maximum of 9 passengers at once.
  • The web check starts at KLM 24 hours before a flight’s scheduled time.
  • The online check-in closes 45 minutes before the departure time of the scheduled flight.
  • The airport check-in majorly starts 3 to 4 hours in advance of the departure of the scheduled flight.
  • The flight ticket booked from a third-party travel agent will not be applicable for the web check-in.
  • A passenger traveling with an infant needs to receive the boarding pass from the airport desk only.

How to web check-in at KLM Airlines?

The web check-in option has been provided on the official site that you can use to get your boarding pass on your device. The KLM flight web check-in procedure is given below. You must follow this to get the boarding pass:

  • Land on the webpage of KLM Airlines,
  • Next, you have to opt for the Check-In option,
  • Enter your ticket number, last name, and flight number in suitable columns,
  • Then press the Check-IN button,
  • Your booking with KLM Airlines will open on the page,
  • You need to do as per the check-in instructions you see on the page,
  • Complete the procedure, and your boarding pass will be sent in the email,
  • Download the boarding pass on your device from the received email,
  • You may take a print of the same or show the pass on your mobile phone at the airport to pass the security point.

How do you check in from the Airport desk?

If you want to do KLM Airlines flight check-in directly at the airport, you must arrive on time with your flight ticket, passport, and identity card and wait in the check-in queue till your turn. The representative will take your flight details and some other essential info and complete the check-in. You will receive the boarding pass for your KLM flight immediately.

How to check in for a KLM flight through Kiosk?

A Kiosk is a self-service machine that is available at the airport, which you can use to complete the check-in for your flight and get a print of your boarding pass. The procedure for the check-in for KLM Airlines flight is as follows:

  • You need to go to the Kiosk desk at the airport,
  • Tap the Check-In button to start the process,
  • Now, you have to enter your full name and the flight confirmation number,
  • Do as the instruction shows on the screen,
  • Then, your check-in will be completed at the Kiosk machine,
  • Press the given print button to get the boarding pass for your KLM flight.

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