Does Sun Country charge for carry-on bags?

A trip involves many elements, and missing some could work, but not baggage. That's why bags are one of the integral parts of traveling. So, when you have prepared a trip with Sun Country Airlines, your baggage condition could be regulated under their stated terms and conditions. So, when planning a trip and needing details about it, carry on reading to the bottom titles.

Render details about the baggage policy of Sun Country Airlines

The bags that you could bring to a cabin or submit to the counter are laced with various sorts of statutory provisions, and you can have details about the same from underneath.

Carry on bags

The particulars of Sun Country charge for carry-on bags have been mentioned at the bottom:-

  • You could bring one personal item with carry-on bags.
  • The dimensions of bags should not exceed 24 x 16 x 11 inches, and the weight should be around 10 kg.
  • The size of bags could include wheels with handles that have to fit in the overhead bin or under the front seat.
  • The cost for a carry-on bag could be around $30.

Checked bags

When you are taking a bag that does not qualify as a carry-on bag, then you get to submit it to the counter by paying Sun Country baggage charges. Thus the particular about that has been mentioned at the bottom:-

  • The number of standard bags could be two. 
  • The dimensions of luggage should not exceed 62 linear inches and weigh 23 kg.
  • When you don't get complimentary bags, then you could have to pay baggage fees that can be around $40 to $80.

Overweight and Oversize

When your baggage does not satisfy the standard regulation, then it could fall under this category. And the information in context to that is as follows:-

  • When you are traveling with a weight of 24 kg to 45 kg, then you would have to pay around $75.
  • The bag weight exceeding more than 45 kg could not be accepted by the airline.
  • The bag size should not exceed 112 linear inches.

Sports equipment

When you are traveling with sports equipment, then you could have to act according to its stated policies, such as:-

  • When your sports equipment qualifies as a carry-on bag, then you can bring that to the cabin.
  • You can submit it to the airline customer as a checked bag.
  • The sports equipment not listed could not be permitted to be taken on the flight.


When you can get through the titles that have been mentioned above, then you can plan a trip appropriately with the bags. When you have any kind of confusion, then use Sun Country customer service phone number 651-905-2737 and speak with the customer service team for a resolution.

Does Sun Country charge for carry-on?

Yes, Sun Country Airlines charges for carry-on bags. That’s why they are able to maintain their low-cost modules. The cost for bags could be around $30 that could, depending on class and routes. However, if you have purchased an elite fare or have a privileged member, then you can take it for free.

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